Issues with React Native Expo XDE with Firebase

1. Fetch to Blob Image Storage issues

Problem: You can not even now as of Expo SDK 24.0.0 use Firebase storage in Expo because you will get a Error:Cannot Convert Blob to Blob.

Solution: Is too either Detach from expo and add fetch-to-blob npm package and compile packages natively.

2. Google Phone Authentication

Problem: Google Phone Authentication does not work in Expo. There are core files for IOS and Android that must be altered Manifests(Android), Appdelegates(IOS) before compile.

Solution: You can Detach and work through the npm integration packages for RNFirebase to make it work.

3. Push Notification

Problem: You need to install the pods and download the GoogleService-Info.plist file in order to Run push notifications on IOS

Solution: Detaching adding RNFirebase/Messaging and the GoogleService-Info.plist file in the root of your xCode appDelegate files.

4. Facebook Publishing Functions

Problem: You can not currently under Expo SDK 24.0.0 or above run any facebook Publishing functions

Solution: Detach and add react-native-facebook NPM

This will be as I assume a running list of limitations

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