Local Listings Call about Google Business is a Scam

If any one is a business owner and has a Google Listing account you may recieve a phone call from a company out of New Mexico called Local Listings and they peg themselves as a google verified partner. This is a scam. Here is what google says about Business Listings:

Google does not:

  • charge for inclusion in Google My Business or in Google Search.
  • offer to improve your search ranking or manage your business’s online profile.
  • ask you for your password or verification code. You should never provide sensitive information about your account (like your password and verification code) to a caller.

This a phone center not based in America even though they say that their company is based in New Mexico. There are many people that could fall victim to this scam. The thing is what they are doing most do and can easily do for free. They will ask for you to give them permission to manage your account then HiJack it and charge you annually to maintain it. Then just to get back you account you have to reach out to Google directly.

It is terrible that so many scams are occurring, so business owners beware.

Written by | Milo Thompson

With 5 years of complex coding and implementation experience to go along with Networking Solutions I have Created many Different Software for Many different Platforms. I am the Owner of Jimnio.com, Former Developer for Magnaflow, San Francisco Health Plan, Eburgeon, Software Master, Wendal Wilson Business and Technology Consulting, S&S Tire

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