Fuck You Pay Me, For Developers

If you are a contractor in the tech sector there is a good chance you have been stiffed out of or talked out of money. Recently I was talked out of $5,000 thinking I had in some way missed a milestone. But that wasn’t the case and more importantly it does not matter. If you perform work you should be paid for it and the following Video by Mike Monteiro will explain why.

Do not concede to their lack of wherewithal. Expectations are to be assumed, but the reality of the hard work you perform should be their focus foremost.

Milo Thompson


Written by | Milo Thompson

With 5 years of complex coding and implementation experience to go along with Networking Solutions I have Created many Different Software for Many different Platforms. I am the Owner of Jimnio.com, Former Developer for Magnaflow, San Francisco Health Plan, Eburgeon, Software Master, Wendal Wilson Business and Technology Consulting, S&S Tire

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