10 Reasons Why You Should Not Be A Remote Contractor Programmer

1. You think it will be easier.

The worst time in my life has been the experience of instability from Remote work. No benefits, no bonuses, no longevity or promotions. When each project ends it is like starting over as a new employee.

2. You think you will make more money.

You can make great money working remotely, I certainly have. The problem is the lulls you can experience between projects. If you have a steady bill or a family this instability is not such a great thing

3. Clients tend to not pay you.

Believe meĀ  1 out of every 3 projects you will have disputed payments on.

4. You have less control over the project management.

Even if you are hired as a Project Manager remotely those that are in-house will always have a greater say over a project. Not that they have a well informed opinion as to a direction.

5. Distraction can and do get in the way.

Whether you have family, friends, or even animals the added noise if you do not have a good place to setup shop to do you work will be a issue.

6. Proving your work time through the Code you push is not always believed.

You know what you have done and it is in print to the repo’s you push to. You will spend 20% of your time explaining your code more than programming it.

7. Testing time is always disputed.

That us something that does not show up in code and unless you are in the office it will most certainly always be disputed with little ways to prove it.

8. It doesn’t translate well on a resume.

You can go over you project list but they will want to know how you work in a in office team setting

9. In House developers will treat all things you do with resistance.

You code will be questioned. Even if things are going great with the project their will be that one guy he has to be there 9-5 and takes it out on you.

10. You will eventually need a good attorney.

With all this being said I love working from home. But When I do not like it the items above are contributing factors.

Written by | Milo Thompson

With 5 years of complex coding and implementation experience to go along with Networking Solutions I have Created many Different Software for Many different Platforms. I am the Owner of Jimnio.com, Former Developer for Magnaflow, San Francisco Health Plan, Eburgeon, Software Master, Wendal Wilson Business and Technology Consulting, S&S Tire

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